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Pre-Wedding: Cherry and Jeff


Dance Dance Dance!

Overseas Wedding Day – Noel and Tony – Okinawa


Noel and Tony were my pre-wedding clients. I still remember how bad the weather was during the shooting, but we got some special raining shots. It was my pleasure that I was also invited to shoot for their oversea wedding in Okinawa. It was a simple but gorgeous wedding. Unlike Hong Kong, the weather was very dramatic – first sunny, then a bit of shower – this wide range of weather condition is perfect for photo shooting.


Overseas Pre-Wedding: Janis and David – Cambridge


Finally got time to share another post. This set of photos were shot in Cambridge during Summer, I love the above picture very much which was shot in the famous River Cam.

Wedding Day – Lisa and Adam


Thanks Lisa and Adam for inviting me as one of their photographers to shoot in this beautiful city, Calne. Their wedding was so relaxing, simple and elegant.

Pre-Wedding – Lucy and Guoguang


Sorry for not updating the blog for ages as the schedule has been very packed lately… shot a wedding in London, pre-wedding in Cambridge, pre-wedding + wedding day in Okinawa and tons of local pre-wedding and touch up works, and also lot of email to reply, but I guess I should start updating some recent works.

This was taken in late July, Lucy is a very sweet girl and his husband Guoguang is from Beijing, they have actually done a pre-wedding in Beijing so basically they want some stylish photos this time.