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AG|WPJA Quarter 3 Contest Result – 1st place and 15th place


This was my first time to enter AG|WPJA contest and the result really surprised me! I got 1st place in one of the categories! This is an international competition and the competitors are from all around the world. I am glad that my photos are being recognized in the industry. Below are the winning photos and the judges comments.


Categories: Sense of Place / Architecture
Result: 1st place

Judge comment:



Categories: Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone
Result: 15th place


Judge comment:

Wedding Day – Karen and Eric


Recently I did quite a lot of  half day wedding shoot, simple lunch banquet after the gorgeous ceremony. I personally prefer this kind of wedding as less food will be wasted. Karen and Eric’s wedding doesn’t have any groom playing game and  no tea ceremony, so I shot many portrait for them as the hotel room “Stanley” in 1881 is very elegant.

And I also found that Karen was studying same University as me in London, so actually she is also my 師姐:)

(above) Natural light coming through the window is always my favourite lighting source.

gorgeous wedding gown

 (above) Portrait of Karen’s family

 (above) My favourite portrait shot of the day, Karen is so beautiful and elegant.

Wedding Day – Gigi and Paul


Gigi and Paul were my pre-wedding clients and I always believe that wedding day shooting is more enjoyable for me when I know the client well. There’s trust between us.

They both work in HK C&E, and so there was special march performance by their colleagues and friends. It was a very touching wedding, with tears of joy. I was moved to tears as well, but nobody noticed as I hid behind my camera:P


Overseas Pre-Wedding: Celia and Ronnie – Okinawa


My second time to shoot in Okinawa, a very very beautiful city with very nice people and food!  I think I will organise a tour every year to the city:-)