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Wedding Day – Lisa and Adam


Thanks Lisa and Adam for inviting me as one of their photographers to shoot in this beautiful city, Calne. Their wedding was so relaxing, simple and elegant.

Pre-Wedding – Lucy and Guoguang


Sorry for not updating the blog for ages as the schedule has been very packed lately… shot a wedding in London, pre-wedding in Cambridge, pre-wedding + wedding day in Okinawa and tons of local pre-wedding and touch up works, and also lot of email to reply, but I guess I should start updating some recent works.

This was taken in late July, Lucy is a very sweet girl and his husband Guoguang is from Beijing, they have actually done a pre-wedding in Beijing so basically they want some stylish photos this time.


Wedding Day: Anita and Marco


As a wedding photographer, sometimes you need to get involved into the moment to get a good shot, but sometimes you should be detached from those touching moments – to avoid tears streaming down your face during your photo shoots. That was what I observed during Anita and Marco’s wedding – full of happiness and tears of joy. They are a very sweet couple, a wonderful match. I did a pre-wedding session for them in November last year, which allows me to know more about them and get to know their wonderful personality. I always prefer to shoot the pre-wedding session before the Big Day for my client, so that I could get to know more about them to capture some unique precious shots.

Various clients have commented upon how the character of my pre-wedding and wedding day photo shoots seem quite different. Yes, for me these are two different categories in photography. I like more posture shots in pre-wedding, because for me pre-wedding photography is not about capturing the moment, but rather to find the beauty of the couples and create the image with my own style. Indeed it is the photographer who leads the shooting. For Wedding day, however, I would focus on snapshots, becoming an observer blending into the event. That, is the difference.

I am glad that to have this friendship with you guys:) Anita, Marco, Enjoy your honeymoon!