As a boudoir photographer in Hong Kong, we usually get told that we take “pictures of women for their husbands,” or “for brides giving these portraits as gifts,” and every time we explain: Boudoir photography is way more than what these assumptions make it out to be; we dare say, a Boudoir portrait may transform how a woman lives her life. 

Boudoir portraits aim to be a source of confidence, celebrating women as who they really are, not what the world thinks they should be or want them to be. Here’s more on why every woman must have a Boudoir session at least once in their lives: 

Boudoir is Empowering 

As a photographer, our goal through boudoir is the empowerment of women. With years of experience, we discovered that in a time where everyone is experiencing some form of self-doubt, Boudoir portraits could do more than merely flatter: they can strengthen subjects through awareness of their self-worth.

Although working with brides embarking on their wedding day is indeed rewarding, some of our favorite clients have come to us for very different reasons. We’ve had clients seeking a post-divorce confidence boost or special portraits before undergoing a mastectomy. Others have come before or after birthing children, as they’re aware their bodies change over time, and they wish to capture it “before it’s too late.” Or they simply want to capture that change.

Boudoir Can Help You Win the Self-Love Battle

Countless women want to experience their boudoir sessions, but unfortunately, are afraid to take the plunge. They hold back because they are fixated on society’s superficial and unrealistic beauty standards.

To all of you who feel like this, we want you to know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, even if you think you’re “flawed.” Your scars, curves, and blemishes tell a story – your story. A mother, a partner, a daughter, a lady boss, a woman who truly matters and is worthy of a boudoir session that celebrates her entire being.

Boudoir Can Help You Celebrate Special Milestones

Women who come to us unremorsefully embrace their bodies and decide to mark special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and special life milestones with boudoir. So if you’re getting married, accepting who you are, losing weight, becoming a mom, getting out of a toxic relationship, or starting fresh –boudoir is the perfect way to celebrate yourself. 

Boudoir Can Help You Rediscover Your Femininity 

Capturing sexy, intimate, and flattering portraits can also help you reignite and get in touch with your feminine energy. Your feminine side thrives when you embrace creative energy, move with the flow of life, dance, play, and attune to your most intrinsic self. So be spontaneous and enjoy life at its best with a boudoir.

Book Boudoir, Because You Love Yourself!

Remember, your boudoir session is whatever you want it to be. There’s no limitation regarding what you want to do during your session. You have all the power to show as little or as much as you’d like, and we are here to ensure you look amazing while doing it.

If you want to get a Boudoir portrait, Hong Kong, we have a talented team of photographers SONNET (instagram: @sonnet.moment) who can help you out. At Billy ONAIR, we also provide styling consultancy to ensure you are perfectly prepared before the shoot.

If you think you’re not photogenic, don’t fret. Our boudoir photographers will calm your “wedding buzz” nerves, make you feel comfortable, and draw out your natural smile.

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