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At Billy ONAIR, we believe that photography is more than just clicking a button—it’s an art form that begins long before the shutter snaps. Our new package, “Perspective Fusion,” redefines the traditional photoshoot by blending creativity, collaboration, and chemistry.

  1. Pre-Production Brilliance: We recognize that the magic happens before the camera even comes out. As the director, I’ll guide the entire process—from concept to execution. Together, we’ll meticulously plan every detail, ensuring a seamless and extraordinary experience for our clients.
    我地認為,婚紗攝影最重要的其實唔係按快門那一剎,呢個新嘅package,我作為一個創作總監,會領導著整個拍攝,令事前的一切都準備妥當, 由idea,造型,溝通,posing,情緒引導,燈光等等,當呢一切都準備好,未按快門之前張相都已經完成了九成。
  2. Creative Freedom: By focusing on pre-production, I’ll free myself from the technicalities of clicking the shutter. Instead, immerse myself in the artistic aspects: envisioning unique compositions, experimenting with lighting, and choreographing poses that tell captivating stories.
  3. Dual Perspectives: Our talented team of photographers brings fresh eyes and diverse viewpoints. While I oversee the shoot, they’ll infuse their youthful energy and unique perspectives. The result? A harmonious blend of seasoned expertise and raw creativity.
    這個program其中最有價值的地方是你會有我十多年婚紗人像經驗的質素保證,亦同時會有年青熱情的攝影師用他們獨有的創意和角度去替你拍攝。兩位攝影師同時創作卻又分工處理不同步驟的化學作用,令你會得到一輯除了有Billy ONAIR風格風的相片,還有一些驚喜的角度或構圍。

What’s Included?

  • Pre-Shoot Consultation: Dive deep into the your vision, preferences, and personalities. Understand your story, so we can weave it into every frame. 拍攝前會和我(Billy)有zoom meeting,令我更了解你們的喜好和故事!
  • Styling and Wardrobe Guidance: Elevate your look with expert styling advice. Whether it’s a romantic engagement shoot or a dynamic family portrait, we’ve got them covered. 我會給你們造型上的建議,令你們的相片充滿個性。
  • Lighting Mastery: Experiment with natural light, artificial setups, and shadows. Illuminate emotions, sculpt faces, and create breathtaking ambiance.拍攝時會使用自然光與人造光,混合兩者使用會令你的相片更出眾。
  • Posing Choreography: Pose like a pro! Our team will guide couples and families into flattering positions that feel natural and authentic. 我們會引導你每一個posing,令你不會再鏡頭前感到生硬,一日拍攝之後,你的posing 知識將會終生受用。
  • Post-Production Magic: Our editing wizards will enhance colors, textures, and emotions. Every image will be a masterpiece. 我們專業的修圖會令你的將相片更加完美而保持自然。

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