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If you like us, are a staunch believer of "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication" , Our 60mins ONAIR Studio Portraits may work wonders for you!

What Can you do in the 60 mins portrait session?







ONAIR Studio | Why Choose Us?

Get Your Photos in 7 Days

Yes 7 days, where the market standard to return photos to clients is 8-12 weeks, our production team will deliver the high quality photos to you in 7 days time!

Posing Guidance 

Our photographers are all professional in guiding pose, you don't need to know a single pose when you come to us. And you will also become posing professional after the 60mins shooting by us!

Minimal Distraction

With minimal distraction and simple setup, portraits taken in studio are more focused on capturing you and your beloved one's expression and interaction! 

Comfy Studio with Air Con

Struggling to shoot under too hot or too cold weather ? No worries, our studio provides comfy air con 365 days! You can bring your kids/parents/pets to shoot without any concern! 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

About ONAIR Studio

We are a team of energetic and passionate photographers who are professionally trained under Billy ONAIR Photography. We aim to give an awesome shooting experience to you and your beloved one! 


  • 60 mins studio shooting by ONAIR Studio Pro Photographers
  • All photos returned with color tuned (minimum 50 photos) within 1 week
  • Max 6 adults and 2 kids
  • Online gallery for 12 months
  • Suitable for couple/pregnancy/pets/family
  • NOT suitable for newborn baby who is younger than 3 months old
  • What Others Say


    ONAIR team is energetic , professional, delicate and efficient!

    This is by far our most satisfied pre-wedding photo series.

    Thank you and keep going !

    Nicole and Ivan 


    在onair studio 是一次很好的拍攝經驗,我們的家庭組合是兩大四小,攝影師很專業很有耐心,拍攝過程很輕鬆。攝影哥哥仲會教啲小朋友點樣扮甫士,個個都好開心,令大家真正很放鬆、很自然的流露,非常推薦!一小時內竟然可以影到咁多靚相,影完大約一星期就會收到相。

    Galie Lam


    ONAIR team十分專業貼心

    整個拍攝過程會細心指導動作、表情 又出盡法寶氹我bb笑


    雖然只拍攝了一個鐘 但最後製成品出來好豐富 十分令人滿意



    Sabrina Wong

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  • Transfer the shooting fee by-
    FPS : 65367698
    Bank Transfer: 317-8-001776 (Hang Seng : Hung Wai Chun)
  • Email the transaction screen with your name and tel to info@billyhung.com
  • Please note that the time slot will be auto released in 60mins without further confirmation
  • Studio is at Flat 12E, Block 3, Camel Paint Building, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong
  • 由Anne Marie Laboratoire (「Anne Marie」) 提供的尊貴護理體驗 乙次(價值港幣3,800元)。於確認訂單後2星期內,Anne Marie的代表會致電或發短訊給閣下預約。閣下也可自行致電 2869 6800 或 whatsapp 5249 7532 自行預約。
  • MY NAME IS...
    Billy Hung

    Founder of Billy ONAIR Photography. Since 2021, we established a new line - ONAIR Studio, which is a team of passionate and professional photographer trained under Billy for many years. If you like us,  are a staunch believer of "Simplicity if the ultimate sophistication".  Our ONAIR Studio Portraits can work wonders for you.

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