Kaye and Ray first met during their high school days, and were instantly smitten with one another. Despite the naivety of their youth, they developed a strong bond of trust, understanding, and love that endured through the years. From casual dates to attending graduation ceremony together, they built up a history of fond memories that would last a lifetime.

The couple’s happiest moment came last month when they finally took the plunge, committing to each other in front of their families and friends. With everyone around them cheering them on with wishes of love and joy, the couple exchanged vows that sealed their fate as one forever.

Kaye and Ray’s journey has been full of wonderful memories that no doubt will continue for many more years to come. Though still young in age, this loving couple have grown strong together through thick and thin in ways only time can develop. As they move forward into married life hand-in-hand all the way into their golden years ahead—forever cherishing the journey they began those many years ago in high school—they truly exemplify true love at its finest.

Capturing pre-wedding photos in the studio is one of my favorite experiences as a photographer. Not only are couples able to dive deep into the moment, away from all external distractions that might take away from the raw emotion between them, but I’m also able to explore the couple’s personalities and capture those special nuances in their interactions. It’s magical to witness two people deeply in love with each other and be part of capturing their connection through photography.

With no other way of communication but through smiles, gestures, and touch, it’s truly a beautiful thing to have these moments captured forever in photos. The pictures that come out of a studio shoot capture the unique bond between two souls who are about to embark on a journey as husband and wife, carrying only the love they share for eternity.

It’s truly special for me when I get to capture those moments when time almost stands still during the photo session; moments that will never return again yet remain enshrined in photos for remembering long after those precious days in the studio are gone. Watching couples express their affection for each other without words—in pure unadulterated joy—is a privilege I cherish every time I take up this task.

Makeup by Joey Makeup Atelier

Gown by Abana Bridal

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