Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need specific software to run the presets?

Yes the presets are meant to be used with either:

Adobe Photoshop for desktop presets and texture such as lens flare collections.
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC or CC that support .xmp format presets.
Adobe Mobile Lightroom for mobile presets.

You can get the desktop software from adobe website and check their photography offer here for $9.99USD per month.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we unfortunately do not provide refunds once they have been purchased.

(Except double purchases of course)

How do you deliver the presets?

The Presets are digital ! You can get them from anywhere in the world. You will receipt a purchase receipt by email and there will be a link for you to download the presets. Please check the junk or spam mailbox if you cannot receive.

How to quickly install the presets in Photoshop desktop?

 Download the ONAIR Signature preset zip folder
 Go to Photoshop directly
 Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter
 Go to Preset section
 Right-click on Preset section, select import profiles & presets
 Select the downloaded ONAIR Signature preset zip folder

How to install the presets in Lightroom Mobile?


The first thing you will need to do is unzip the folder of presets that you downloaded.  You can easily do this on a computer.  On a PC, just right-click on the zipped folder and choose “Extract All” from the menu of options.  On a Mac, just double-click the file and Mac’s unzipping utility does the rest.

If you need to do this step on a phone, you will need to download the WinZip app (iOS app or Android app) to your phone. Open the unzip app on your mobile phone and while in it locate the zip file on your device. Opening the files will unzip them.


If you unzipped the presets on your computer, you will need to save the preset files to your favorite cloud storage option, so you can access them on your mobile phone. You will also need to be able to allow access to those files on your phone through that same cloud storage app.


If you are doing this process on your mobile phone, you will want to make sure you have saved the unzipped presets on your phone.


This step is really easy. Just open your free Lightroom app. Once its open, you can add the DNG/Preset files (next step). 


To add a preset, click on the (…) Settings option in the top-right corner of the app.

Choose the Add Photos option. 

On the next screen, choose the location you will be pulling your DNG/Preset files from. If you have saved them to your phone, choose “From Camera Roll”.  If you have saved them to a cloud storage option, choose “From Files”.

Select the DNG/Preset files you would like to import. This step may be a little different depending on your mobile phone, however most phones offer a way to select multiple files/images.

NOTE: Preset files are DNG files. When you initially open the image, you may get an error that says, “Cannot Load File”.  This is normal. Press the check mark in the corner anyway.


Click on one of the newly imported files, then click on the three dots inside a circle in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From there, choose “Create Preset” from the menu that appears.

Give your preset a name. We recommend to type the same name that is on the front of the preset image (to keep things simple).

You should also put the preset in a Preset Group. By default, it will be in the User Presets group. Creating a new group with your new collection’s name will keep the presets from each collection together.

Do these same steps for each DNG/preset file.



Why do I have different outcome using the same preset?

lighting condition and color combination play an important role on a photo, our presets are aim to enhance and give a mood on the photos you take.

Remember that you can always adjust later on the preset (Exposure, White Balance, Contrast..etc) to make it fit perfectly your photos. The preset gives you the base to inspire you create your unique style.

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