Our experience working with Billy was wonderful and we really enjoyed the journey very much.

Unlike other photography companies which offer regular overseas engagement shooting tours, Billy does not engage very much in oversea shooting and we were so excited when we knew that he was planning to do an overseas engagement in Switzerland this year. Both of us are nature lover and we are charmed by the jaw-dropping scenery and many cultural attractions in Switzerland. We decided to go for a two-day shooting journey and we began our first day in Lucerne. With its colorful old town and magnificent city walls, picturesque covered bridge and intriguing churches, we were deeply in love with this gorgeous city. We felt so blissful to be surrounded by the most warm-hearted people we had ever met who always came over to say congratulations and gave their blessings to us. The second day we decided to explore the natural scenery of Switzerland so we made our way to Grindelwald-a beautiful village in the Jungfrau Region. We also visited the famous Reichenbach Falls where we took plenty of beautiful pictures with spectacular mountain views there. The entire engagement photo session was a very relaxing one, since we did not have the pressure to follow any agenda or stick to a list of locations for shooting. It was so fun to drive through the mountains to search for interesting locations for shooting and Billy always had many great ideas of taking the pictures which turned out amazing and so different than typical engagement photos.

Our experience working with Billy was wonderful and we really enjoyed the journey very much. He was easy and fun to work with, and always made us feel natural in front of the camera. We laughed so much all the time and sometimes we forgot we were being photographed. Billy was incredibly talented and we were truly amazed at his ability to always find the perfect spot and setting to make our pictures stand out, and captured every single precious, fun and candid moment. His creativity and attention to detail were fully evident in each photos he took. Heartfelt appreciation to Billy and the crew for all the hardwork and assistance they have given in to produce the stunning and artistic photographs- these are truly the best pictures we have ever taken. The shooting was and will continue to be a very memorable experience to us.

Velda & Kenelm

a very memorable experience
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