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a story-teller

Throughout our journey from engagement to our actual wedding, we were fortunate enough to work with different...

Stunning Prague Pre-Wedding Experience

Our pre-wedding photos are just awesome and way beyond our expectation. 沒有刻意搜羅其他攝影師資訊, 從⼀開始便選擇Billy,並打從⼼底相信他能我們拍出⼀攝獨特且出⾊的婚照布拉格...


“還未決定結婚既時候,心裡已經希望有一天可以由Billy操刀幫我影結婚相!所以老公一向我求婚後,我便想也沒想過其他攝影師,一心一意等待拍攝日子的來臨! 在籌備過程入面,多多要求既我曾經提出過去不同的景點拍攝… 又要指定化妝師.. 又提出不同攝影風格等,幸好他們仍樂於接受我這個煩人的意見!而且拍出來的效果跟我預期一樣, 十分滿意呢! 話說回來,這次的拍攝,我分了室內和室外拍攝! 室內的場景,我特意挑選了一間婚紗店來拍攝.Billy應該不知道,租借這個場地,多多小小我也是根據Billy拍攝風格來挑選的, 因為一看到這間婚紗店,我便能聯想起Billy拍出來的效果.(...

captured everything we could ever have

“We just wanted to express our deepest appreciation and thanks to Billy, for his amazing ability to...

a very memorable shooting experience

Our experience working with Billy was wonderful and we really enjoyed the journey very much.